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    Modern manufacturer of European level, which fulfills the needs of many industries in high-quality thin sheet galvanized and painted coiled stock, as well as profiled flooring.

    Areas of activity

    • Galvanized thin sheet coiled stock
    • Galvanized thin sheet coiled stock with polymer coating
    • Profiled flooring, flat sheet, strip
      • Galvanized rolled products 0.33-1.2 mm thick, width 1,000/1,250 mm, with a density of zinc 100 - 350 g/sq. m.
      • Painted galvanized rolled products 0.33 - 1.0 mm thick, width 1,000/1,250 mm, with polymeric coating: gloss, matt, Crystal, High matt
      • Profiled flooring of grades LP C15, LP HC45.
      • Strip, width up to 1,250 mm


    1/14 Hrushevskoho Avenue, Kamianets-Podilskyi, 32300

    +38 (044) 33-33-158  +38 (044) 33-33-159  +38 (03849) 3-63-97



    Modul-Ukraine is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of rolled products with polymer coating, as well as the second largest manufacturer of galvanized products in Ukraine by installed capacity.

    Product range

    Industrial capacities of the company comprise modern galvanizing and cold rolling lines Delta Brands, Inc. (USA) and polymer coating production line Fata-Hunter (Italy). This machinery was installed in 2000s and allows the enterprise to manufacture quality products that meet present-day requirements.

    The annual production capacity of the galvanizing line is 200 thousand tons, the polymer coating line - 80 thousand tons.

    Modul-Ukraine is located in the southwestern part of Ukraine in Kamianets-Podilskyi, which ensures optimal logistics both within Ukraine and to the nearest European countries.


    • Uniqueness: the only manufacturer of rolled products with polymeric coating in Ukraine
    • Operational responsiveness: manufacture from 7 to 15 days
    • Flexibility: manufacture of any product from the line in any volume, the widest range of colours
    • Customer focus: individual work with each partner
    • Team: experience and professionalism
    • Quality: European standards
    • Proximity to the client: regional distribution network throughout Ukraine, neighbourhood with European countries