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    Steeltech ( "OSNOVA" )

    Region: Kyiv oblast

    Production capacity: 500 t/mth

    Compliance with the manufacturing standard: EN 1090-2

    Specialization by types of constructions: Platforms, ladders, stairs, fences , Foundation bolts and embedded parts , Complex and atypical constructions , Towers and lighting poles , Bridge structures, Sheet constructions of silos, bunkers, gas ducts, etc., Truss, Frame and beam constructions from rolled and welded profiles.

    Design work: Technical evaluation and optimization of steel drawings, Steel structure and detailed drawings (one-stage BIM-design), Steel detailing , Steel structure drawing

    Installation work: Fire protection, General contract, General construction works, Installation of enclosing structures, Installation of metal structures

    Execution class according to EN1090-2: ECX3, ECX2, ECX1

    Maximum weight of the starting element: 20 tons

    Production area: 24000 м2

    Completed objects: https://uscc.ua/catalog/category/catalog1/-997

    Export experience

    Holland, Finland, Estonia

    Technological capabilities

    Equipment for cleaning structures up to Sa2 1/2 according to DSTU ISO 8501-1

    Presence of a site of drawing of anticorrosion with the controlled climatic parameters

    Automatic line for assembly and welding of I-beams - 1800 meters / month.

    Rolling of sheet metal:

    • Thickness up to 65 mm
    • The minimum radius is 280 mm.
    • Execution of construction lifting

    Welding technologies

    • Certificate of conformity to welding standards
    • Welding of high-strength steels and high-strength steels (> C355) and / or special
    • Certification of welding technology
    • Certification of welders
    • Non-destructive methods of quality control of welded joints

    Production management systems

    Implemented quality management system - ISO 9001: 2015

    Implementation of production management system: ERP

    Contact Information

    Address of production facilities: 9 Pidpryemnytska str., Brovary

    Phone: 067 433 93 60

    Email: steeltech@osnova-group.com.ua

    Website: https://steeltech.com.ua/en/home/