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    The Largest Supplier and Producer of Rolled Metal Products in Ukraine

    Our Core Business Areas are

    • corrugated boards
    • metal tile roofing
    • metal siding
    • European lattice fencing
    • internal wall cassette (IWC) panels
    • light steel thin-walled structures (LSTS)
    • perforated sheet
    • rainwater downpipe systems


    Contact Us

    Main Office: 

    49000, Dnipro, 5 Sholom-Aleikhema Vul.,

    +38 (067) 611-36-64, +38 (067) 371 85 73, 

    +38 (056) 790 73 00, +38 (056) 376-79-94









    The range of business activities of AV Metal Group includes production and wholesale-retail distribution of rolled metal products.

    One main line of business that is quickly developing is the production of roofing and facade materials. AV Metal Group is structurally divided into 10 production sites that manufacture a large mix of metal products; as a result, the Company supplies roofing and facade materials for housing and industrial development all over Ukraine.

    The Company sells all its products through a network of wholesale and retail metal service centers. As of now, there are over 30 wholesale and more than 300 retail outlets in Ukraine.

    An extended network of metal service centers effectively resolves logistic issues. The Company's truck fleet carries out transportation of goods within Ukraine and abroad. This truck fleet includes 400 trucks and a large number of lifting equipment.


    Nowadays, the Company's aims are maximum improvement of the services offered, and creation of a better, European-style customer experience. For this reason, all-metal service centers are to be modified accordingly. Such centers have large floor space and an up-to-date waiting area — all for ensuring comfort conditions during the ordering process. The large floor space can accommodate a much bigger collection of products and merchandise items. In addition, there is a sales outlet located right on the floor, where customers can purchase fittings and concurrent products required for the construction process. Modernized metal service centers offer more comfortable vehicle access for large-size trucks and convenient road junctions.

    Also, the Company intensifies its online service offers to provide better clients communication. A customer can review the product mix offered and place an order both at the Company's website and its online store.

    Having worked for 11 years in the market, AV Metal Group gained a reputation as a reliable business partner.

    The Company's key advantages are affordable prices for rolled metal products and high-quality service.

    Specialists at Av Metal Group are highly competent in all areas related to the selection, purchase, and delivery of products.