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    Design and manufacture of metal structures of any complexity.

    Areas of activity

    • Design and manufacture of high voltage power transmission lines, lighting supports, contact network, mobile communication masts
    • Manufacture of steel structures for civil and industrial construction
    • Hot galvanizing services


    94, Maiakovskoho St., Avdiivka, 86065

    +38 (062) 363-38-22, +38 (062) 363-38-88, +38 (050) 348-52-43


    According to the industry characteristic, the plant belongs to the enterprises of power engineering and electrification, by type of products - to the enterprises of machine-building and metalworking industry. As of today, the plant's production capacity is 12,000 tons of metal structures and metal products per year.

    Avdiyivsky Metal Construction Details Plant (AMCDP) offers the following types of products

    • Round and multifaceted street lighting poles designed to illuminate streets, parks, etc. The height of lighting poles manufactured by the enterprise varies from 4 to 12 m, lighting masts - 14-30 m.
    • Standard steel structures for supports of power transmission lines with a voltage of 0.38 kV and 6-10 kV.
    • Metal structures for power transmission lines with a voltage of 35-750 kV, open switchgears of 35-750 kV voltage (portals).
    • Steel radio masts and towers from 30 to120 m high.
    • Rigid metal lattice-type crossbars for the overhead system of railroads pursuant to the standard design (series 3.501.2-136)
    • Metal structures for coke and chemical and metallurgical plants: gas ducts, electric cable overpasses, constructions of conveyor galleries, ejectors, supports for pipelines, expansion tanks, containers (V = 50, 80, 200, 300, 400 cubic  meters), tanks, reservoirs etc.
    • Metal structures of frames of industrial and civil buildings and constructions: columns, lattice girders, beams, joists, platforms, stairs, enclosures, etc.

    The enterprise has been reconstructed and re-equipped, equipment for BISOL hot-dip galvanizing lines, lines for the production of OMM multi-sided steel poles (Italy), Falcon CNC angle bar piercing lines, OMM automatic welding lines have been installed. The AMCDP is the first enterprise in Ukraine, which began to manufacture supports on the basis of multi-sided steel poles.

    The plant capacity

    • In terms of the production of lighting poles - up to 3,000 pcs. per month of different heights.
    • Multi-faceted, trussed supports and other metal structures - up to 20 thousand tons per year.


    The main principle for the plant's activity is to provide the customer with high quality products in accordance with international standards.