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    The largest and top-of-the-line steel constructions plant in Western Ukraine. The leader in production of welded and pressed floor gratings.

    Areas of activity

    • Design, manufacture and installation of metal structures and floor grating
    • Construction of industrial facilities, industrial and commercial premises, fruit storages and refrigerators, agricultural complexes, car showrooms, poultry farms, logistics and entertainment centers, silos and bunkers for bulk materials. 


    53, Lvivska St., Chervonohrad, 80100

    +38 (050) 370-25-12, +38 (050) 370-83-30, +38 (050) 370-90-78, +38 (050) 370-29-59, +38 (050) 374-81-07, +38 (050) 370-22-39



    The Chervonograd Steel Constructions Plant is one of the most modern plants in Ukraine not only in terms of modern equipment on which metal constructions are made but also in terms of constant introduction of the best European practices in the sphere of construction from metal.

    Two full cycle lines for the manufacture of welded floor grating - from cutting of coiled steel to the finished product - have been installed at the plant. Total capacity is 1,100 tons of floor grating per month.

    The ESAB Suprarex gantry cutting system with CNC is used to make complex cutouts and holes in the floor grating.

    In addition, the Chervonograd Steel Constructions Plant independently manufactures side bars for stairs, anti-slip perforated angles for floor grating, standard fasteners, hook fasteners, and all types of framing.

    Metal structures of ChSCP are certified not only according to the UkrSEPRO system, but also according to EN 1090, and quality management system in welding processes is certified according to ISO 3834-2:2005. Floor grating is fabricated according to standards IN 24531-1, DIN 24537-1.

    Due to the high quality of products and understanding of what the Ukrainian and foreign customers really need, the products of the Chervonograd Steel Constructions Plant are supplied not only to the Ukrainian market but also for export to 13 countries - Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Republic of Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Sierra Leone, and USA. 


    The ChSCP does its best to ensure that its customers always get more than they expect. That is why the company, in recent years, has been constantly increasing production output, expanding the geography of supply of its products.


    • Professional service level
    • Product quality at the level of the best European manufacturers
    • Flexible payment terms with the possibility of deferred payment
    • Ability to supply products anywhere in Ukraine or in the world
    • Full range of services