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    DOSVID 2002

    DOSVID 2002 is a reliable partner in the construction of your facilities since we provide a wide range of services from design and manufacturing to installation and erection of key ready facilities, while DOSVID 2002 always guarantees compliance with deadlines and high quality of manufactured products and services rendered. 

    Areas of activity

    • Metal structures of frames of one - and multi-storey buildings and constructions: columns, frameworks, ceiling rafters (coverings), elements of fasteners

    • Metal structures of lattice girders with elements from structural steel and roll-welded sections

    • Metal structures of stairs, platforms and enclosure structures of stairs, balconies and roofs

    • Metal structures for bridge constructions and overpasses 

    • Metal structures of crane runway beams for electric bridge cranes and overhead vehicle track girders

    • Various secondary metal structures (including anchor blocks, etc.) for one- and multi-storey frames of civil and industrial buildings and constructions.


    Central office: 1-B, Mykoly Ushakova St., Kyiv, 03179

    +38 (044) 299-59-85



    Mabufacturing site: Fizkulturna St., Shpytky village,  Kyiv-Sviatoshyn district, Kyiv region

    +38 (044) 389-38-68, +38 (097) 396-88-36, +38 (066) 498 9820

    For more than 17 years the team of DOSVID 2002 Ltd. has been implementing immense projects. Our advantage is a powerful team of qualified specialists and a wide range of construction services. Thanks to our own construction steel structure manufacturing plant, we are able to not only speed up the construction process but also to guarantee the high quality of products. 

    The production capacity of the plant is up to 600 tons/month. 

    The production technology allows us to produce massive steel structures with any type of joints weighing up to 10 tons and welded beam height up to 1,500 mm.

     The manufacturing facility is fully provided with up-to-date technological equipment, which allows producing the required volumes of metal structures, including multi-flame oxygen cutting machine with CNC, shot blasting machine for cleaning surfaces; an assembling line with a device for removing shrinkage distortions; end milling machine; guillotines, radial drilling machines, sheet- and pipe bending machines, automatic submerged arc welding lines, semi-automatic welders, airless spray painting stations, powder coating chamber, etc.  Furthermore, in order to verify the conformity of the manufacture of assembly units of complex structures (silos, tanks), the manufacturing facility has a site for the control assembly.

    The Company has developed and implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2015 and an integrated quality and environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015. All products are tested and certified in accordance with the requirements of DSTU (State Standards of Ukraine).

    The high quality of the products of the manufacturing facility is confirmed by the specialists of the permanent laboratory for non-destructive testing of DOSVID 2002 LLC, which have extensive work experience and are certified for ultra-sonic and visual testing.