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    Set of materials for the roof and facade.

    Areas of activity

    • Sheet steel with protective coating
    • Metal tile sheet
    • Profiled flooring
    • Roofing finishing accessories (ridges, strips, plugs, roof ice rakes)
    • Sections for the installation of gypsum wall boards and accessories (connectors, carriers, extensions, rods).
    • Facade panels
    • Cutting and slitting of coiled steel


    3A, Kolektorna St., Kyiv, 02121

    +38 (044) 365-10-90, +38 (067) 242-18-48



    The Ukrainian subdivision of STYNERGY Group of Companies is a trade and production company, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian market. For more than 10 years, it specializes in metal trading, as well as in the fabrication and sale of a set of materials for roofs and facades.

    The company carries out direct supplies of coiled steel and any types of thin sheet metal products manufactured by the world's leading metal manufacturers. Trade is also conducted from the company's own warehouses. The company owns trade and manufacturing areas in  Kyiv.

    Metal tiles and profiled flooring are manufactured on a special high-performance European equipment designed for the manufacture of roofing and wall cladding bent profile of galvanized steel sheets, metal with paint-and-lacquer and other protective coatings.

    The quality of products is ensured by the automatic management and manufacture control system. Warranty on all sold construction materials is 10 years and more.

    In the Center for Roofing Equipment and Supplies, the visitor will receive competent advice (technical support and engineering calculations are free of charge), order a set of materials in one place and promptly receive the order.

    Large own fleet of vehicles allows to quickly deliver the cargo of almost any volume and to any place, at reasonable prices. A large warehouse of raw materials and finished products makes it possible to ship orders on a same day basis. Terms of customized product manufacturing are 3-4 days.

    Among the company's customers are both retail buyers and large corporate clients, such as Epitsentr, Nova Linia, LaFarge, Kreisel, Technonikol, Nasha Ryaba, and many others.

    The company's activity is based on the following principles

    • Buyer due diligence

    • Optimal and effective metal prices

    • Convenient procedure and forms of calculation

    • Logistics services for the partners

    • Metal shipment by any lots, delivery by road, rail.

    • The system of a prompt reception of orders, statement of accounts, reservation, shipment and processing of shipping documents is carried out by the qualified personnel in the shortest terms.

    Today STYNERGY is: a dynamic company, experienced and qualified employees, high quality of customer service, reliability and efficiency in work.