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    INSTEEL Ukraine

    A full set of services of the design, manufacture and key ready installation of prefabricated buildings of any purpose based on a steel frame.

    Manufacturer of complete steel buildings of full cycle.

    Areas of activity

    • Manufacture of metal structures
    • Design in all sections
    • Delivery and installation of steel buildings on a turnkey basis
    • Arrangement of industrial floorings


    12, Malynovskoho St., Sumy, 40021

    +38 (0542) 67-67-76, +38 (063) 894-06-73



    Design, manufacture, key ready installation is our offer to the customer. 

    Insteel Ukraine offers:

    • Warehouses and logistics centers
    • Buildings for agriculture (poultry houses, granaries, vegetable storehouses, etc.)
    • Industrial buildings and constructions
    • Steel buildings for commercial and trade purposes
    • Car showrooms
    • Any steel building for your business

    Design department

    Our designers will develop a complete set of documentation from the sketch to the last section of the design required for putting into practice the building, which is exactly what you need and which will be ideal for your business. We will always offer several possible options for solving a problem and help you to choose the best one.


    Production capacity of our enterprise can produce up to 300 tons of high-quality metal structures per month. Thanks to the well-established cooperation between the Design Department and Production Department at the enterprise, we will ensure the desired result and quality without any trouble for the customer. 

    Insteel Ukraine manufactures:

    • Welded beams 
    • Lattice girder constructions
    • Processing equipment 
    • Tanks of any capacity

    Procurement and logistics department

    A modern steel building is not only a metal frame but also a plethora of components. Insteel Ukraine ensures a complete scope of supply for the building:

    • LGSF frames 
    • Roofing and wall sandwich panels
    • Profiled flooring for walls or roofing
    • Translucent structures
    • Gates and loading equipment
    • Complete set of metal items and seals
    • Light fittings
    • HVAC systems
    • Industrial floorings of various types

    Installation department

    The main value of our company are people. Many years of experience and diverse facilities, which over more than 50 years have been implemented by our leading managers and specialists, make us confident that we will honourably cope with any task in the steel construction. We have enough qualified specialists of all levels, from managers to sling operators, and we constantly maintain a high level of occupational safety at the construction site.

    Insteel Ukraine - steel buildings for the needs of your business We build everything "on a turnkey basis" - you just observe and develop your own business.