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    National manufacturer of painted steel in Ukraine.

    Metipol is a new project on the production of galvanized metal with polymer coating, created by a team with unique experience in the Ukrainian market.

    Areas of activity

    • Standard polyester
    • Matte polyester
    • DecoPrint
    • Polyurethane
    • PVDF
    • Double sided coating


    9 Mechnykova St., Kyiv, 01021

    +38 (044) 377-53-95, 0 800 21 41 41



    Modern equipment, an experienced team and quality raw materials are the main assets with which the company changes the Ukrainian market of rolled metal products. As a matter of fact, it is galvanized steel with polymer coating under the Metipol brand which is a combination of service, quality and fair price.

    The availability of a certified laboratory at the plant allows for constant quality control of both incoming raw materials and products delivered to customers.

    Favorable location of the plant in the central part of the country (Mykolaiv region, city of Pervomaisk) contributes to the effective provision of logistics services for all regions of the country.

    Characteristics of the line for applying polymer coating on a galvanized sheet:

    • Line speed - 40 m/min
    • Minimum speed - 15 m/min
    • Roll width - 600 - 1,250 mm
    • Minimum roll weight - 10 tons
    • Internal diameter - 508; 610 mm
    • Maximum external diameter - 1,500 mm
    • Minimum thickness of semi-finished rolled stock - 0.14 mm
    • Maximum thickness of semi-finished rolled stock - 0.8 mm