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    MSBUD - present-day construction solutions for business. The company has been working in the Ukrainian market for 20 years, constantly improving and developing. 

    The main principles governing the work of MSBUD are reliability, responsibility and quality.

    Areas of activity

    • General contracting and design
    • Civil and installation works
    • Manufacture of concrete floors 


    34A, Sviatoshynska St., Kyiv, 03680

    +38 (044) 494-03-33, +38 (044) 494-00-88, +38 (044) 492-07-02



    MSBUD as a general contractor

    • Optimizes design, processing, quality characteristics and price indicators
    • Carries out management of all project implementation processes
    • Coordinates execution of works pursuant to contractor and subcontractor agreements
    • Controls the entire construction process
      • Develops the entire package of project documentation
      • Carries out all design stages - basic design, design, working design
      • Coordinates the work of subcontractors by controlling the quality and deadlines of assigned tasks
      • Carries out the architectural supervision over the facility's implementation in accordance with design solutions
      • Takes part in the commissioning of the constructed building

    MSBUD as a general designer

    Civil and installation works

    • Erection of prefabricated buildings (PFB)
    • Installation of metal - and reinforced concrete structures
    • Manufacture of concrete floors
    • Installation of technological equipment

    Civil and installation works

    • Manufacture of concrete floors
    • Continuous pumping and laying of concrete using laser concrete pavers improves the quality and impermeability of the concrete floor slab, as well as provides floor flatness with tolerances not exceeding 2 mm.

    MSBUD is the only company in Ukraine and one of the few in Europe that makes seamless fibre concrete floors. The availability of own recyclers and machinery for cement batching allows us to perform works on stabilization of soil bases for floors, sites and roads.

    Company clients


    MERX, Raben Ukraine, Reynaers, RODA, RUUKI, Roshen, Korosten MDF factory, Kraft Foods Ukraine, Myronivsky Hliboprodukt, Zhytomyr Butter Plant Rud, Smart Energy, UHLK and others.