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    Plant of roofing materials VZIRETS-2000 is one of the largest manufacturers of roofing materials in Ukraine.

    A reliable supplier of metal tiles, profiled flooring, gutter systems and components for the arrangement of roofs.

    Areas of activity

    • Metal tile sheet
    • Profiled flooring
    • Roofing accessories
    • Gutter systems
    • Mansard windows
    • Attic stairs


    22, Aeroportivska St., Odesa,  65000

    +38 (048) 777-20-11



    The company has been working for over 18 years in the Ukrainian market and has established itself as a reliable partner and high quality manufacturer. The company's clients are both large corporations and private customers. 

    VZIRETS-2000 has its own retail network in Ukraine and an extensive dealer network. The dealer network is provided with technical and advertising support.

    All products are manufactured on the high-quality equipment of Concept Stal - one of the leaders in the production of roll forming lines for sheets and lines for cutting of coil rolled steel.

    The company VZIRETS-2000 supplies coiled steel directly from the manufacturer, which determines the speed of delivery and quality of materials.

    Partners and suppliers

    SSAB, ArcelorMittal, Black Sea Steel, Metinvest.

    One of the strategic partners of VZIRETS-2000 is Swedish metallurgical concern SSAB, a supplier of high strength steel with GreenCoat coating. The characteristics of the products of this concern allow to use SSAB steel products coated with GreenСoat under harsh climatic conditions. Warranty on products made of steel coated with GreenCoat is up to 50 years.

    The company VZIRETS-2000 is an exclusive supplier of polymer-coated steel under the brand names Black Sea Steel and Black Sea Steel PRIMECOAT. These brand names are registered in Ukraine. The Black Sea Steel material is represented in polyester and matte polyester coatings and is the best choice in terms of a price/quality criterion. Black Sea Steel PRIMECOAT is a material with elevated Zn content and coating from AkzoNobel (the Netherlands), one of the leading paint and performance coating manufacturers.  The Black Sea Steel PRIMECOAT brand material has a warranty for 20 years.

    The material fully corresponds to the slogan "European quality, Ukrainian price", and in a relatively short period of time, it has won popularity among dealers and retail buyers of the company VZIRETS-2000.