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    Steel Work Group has been engaged in the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures in a highly professional way since 2005.

    Areas of activity

    • Design of metal structures and detailed metal structures by using BIM technologies
    • Production of metal structures, including those of high complexity
    • Installation of steel structures under all conditions


    Building 3, 19 A.Pyrohovskoho St., Kyiv, 03110

    +38 (095) 273 00 03



    Extensive expertise

    SWG has considerable experience in various construction sectors and specializes in industrial and civil, transport and energy construction.

    The scope of the company's activities comprises complete frames of buildings and constructions, constructions of bridge, transport infrastructure and energy construction.

    A universalistic approach and competence enable SWG to solve any task.

    Complete production cycle

    The documentation is being developed at a modern level, and the application of BIM design technology guarantees accurate manufacture and assembly of structures.

    The company's own production capacities allow for a flexible approach to the customer.

    The Company adheres to high standards: quality is monitored at all stages, and it performs a controlled assembly for complex structures.

    Technologies and innovations

    SWG applies world best practices, operates with advanced equipment and top-notch professionals. SWG's projects have been implemented in 19 countries and meet up-to-date international and national standards.


    The company approaches each task according to the client's needs, looking for efficient and non-standard solutions. SWG possesses its own developments, patents and know-how.

    Reliability and quality guarantee

    Reliability and quality guarantee SWG pays particular attention to the quality and reliability of structures, as well as compliance with stated deadlines. The Company seeks long-term cooperation and supports projects after the acceptance procedure.