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    Manufacture, design and construction of metal frame buildings using LGSF technology.

    Areas of activity

    • Manufacture of metal structures and galvanized LGSF sections
    • Design of buildings and constructions
    • Consulting on the selection of the project optimal design solution
    • Installation of steel structures and facade systems
    • Full range of services in the construction of metal frame prefabricated buildings


    Suite 303, 3 152 Divizii St., Dnipro, 49033

    +38 (056) 787-22-71, +38 (067) 622-97-88



    STEELCO was founded in the city of Dnipro in 2004. Today, it unites a group of companies, the main areas of activities of which are: manufacture of bent galvanized sections for various purposes, metal structures, design and construction of prefabricated buildings.

    The priority direction in the area of innovative activity of STEELCO is promotion in the market of Ukraine of advanced construction technologies with the application of light gauge steel constructions.

    The LGSF direction was organized by a group of the company's experts in 2008. Currently, the company occupies one of the leading positions in the sphere of promotion and popularization of LGSF technology, has a number of its own developments and know-how in this domain.

    Modern equipment at the STEELCO plant makes it possible to produce complex steel structures, sections and complete sets of frame buildings both according to standard projects developed by the plant's own design office and on the basis of design solutions provided by the developer.

    Bold architectural solutions, universal adaptation to current conditions of the construction market, a high degree of compliance with the requirements of experts, speed of installation and predictability of costs - these are just some of the advantages of LGSF, which allow the company to recommend this technology as optimal for solving a variety of tasks that sometimes seem unsolvable.

    The company pays particular attention to cooperation with the agricultural sector in the construction of agricultural warehouses and modern livestock breeding units. The use of combined metal frame technology allows for obtaining the most functional, robust and durable constructions at an affordable price.

    By contacting STEELCO, the customer will receive an exhaustive overview of all the possibilities of the LGSF technology and a full range of highly qualified services for the design, manufacture and installation of the facility within the shortest possible period of time.