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    Provides the entire set of works on the erection of framed prefabricated buildings from metal structures. Manufactures and supplies a wide range of facade and roofing materials.

    Areas of activity

    • Production of metal structures
    • Design, production and installation of frame prefabricated buildings
    • Production of galvanized profiles С, U, Ω, Z, L
    • Production of roofing and facade systems


    52, Zinkivska St., Poltava, 36009

    +38 (050) 324-48-82, +38 (067) 503-51-73



    Manufacture of

    • Metal building structures of any level of complexity
    • Cold-rolled galvanized С, U, Ω, Z, L sections
    • Welded I-girders
    • Metal tile sheets, seam roofing, rhomboid roof tiles
    • Profiled flooring, facade cassettes and panels, metal siding, rhomboid facade tiles, perforated soffits
    • Components


    Design, manufacture and installation of framed prefabricated buildings

    • Agro-industrial complexes
    • Industrial and commercial premises
    • Industrial buildings
    • Sports centers
    • Logistics and warehouse complexes
    • Aviation hangars
    • Administrative buildings and entertainment centers
      • Installation of metal structures
      • Installation of enclosure structures
      • Installation supervision
      • General design
      • General contracting
      • Full engineering support for construction facilities
      • Design of ventilated facades
      • 3D modeling of facilities, visualization and design projects for civil and industrial buildings and constructions


    • Installation of metal structures
    • Installation of enclosing structures
    • Installation supervision
    • General design
    • General contract
    • Full engineering support of construction projects
    • Ventilated facades design
    • 3D modeling of objects, visualization and design projects of buildings and structures for civil and industrial purposes

    THERMASTEEL means:

    • Two plants with a production area of over 10,000 square meters
    • High quality raw materials from world manufacturers
    • Modern production equipment
    • Professionals in construction, design, engineering and production

    THERMASTEEL - we help create the buildings of your dreams!