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    Designing, manufacturing and installation of particularly complex and large construction projects with the use of metal structures for industrial and civil purposes, including bridge metal structures.

    Areas of activity

    • Industry and manufacture
    • Agro-industrial complexes
    • Transport infrastructure
    • Bridges
    • Hydraulic engineering installations
    • Long-span buildings, constructions and stadiums
    • Logistics and car showrooms
    • Power transmission line supports, multi-faceted, conical and trussed supporting structures, telecommunication towers
    • Services for the processing of rolled metal products


    11-V, Arkhitektora Horodetskoho St., Kyiv, 01001

    +38 (044) 279-71-59, +38 (044) 278-72-85



    UKRSTALKONSTRUKTSIYA is the largest player in the metal construction market of Ukraine with an impeccable long-term reputation in the domain of design, manufacture and installation.

    The Company structure

    Project Department - development of drawings based on 3D modeling; use of the top-of-the-line software; maximum accuracy of calculations.

    Six manufacturing plants with modern automated equipment:

    — Ukrstal Dnipro Structural Steel Fabrication Plant

    — Ukrstal Zhytomyr Structural Steel Fabrication Plant

    — Ukrstal Zaporizhzhia Structural Steel Fabrication Plant

    — Avdiyivskyi Metal Construction Details Plant

    — Metalist Experimental Mechanical Plant

    — ZakordonEnergoKomplektBud.

    UkrstalMontazh Construction Company - implementation of projects of any level of complexity with a full range of services within a single holding.

    Advantages of cooperation

    1. Timescale optimization

    • Rapid analysis and launch of goods into production
    • Reduction of metal consumption at the facility due to the optimization of design solutions (TEKLA, SCAD, etc.).
    • Order fulfillment by several of our plants
    • Convenient logistics location of plants across Ukraine

    2. High quality

    • Quality control: spectral analysis of the chemical composition, mechanical tests (impact toughness), weld examination: ultrasonic, stress (rupture), X-ray, etc.; modern methods of control, control of stiffness and thickness of the coating
    • Modern equipment: CNC cutting, drilling, metal welding (VERNET, AIR LIQUIDE, KAWASAKI, Beringer, Conrac etc.).
    • The only one in Ukraine sheet bending machine for polygonal supports of 13 m (OMM, Italy).
    • Progressive galvanizing technology BISOL Italy, bath 13,000 x 1,800 x 3,200
    • Certification according to EN 1090, EN 9001, EN 14001, OHSAS 18001

    3. Reliability

    • Experience of implemented projects in 50 countries
    • Technical project support at all stages