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    Design and Construction Company

    Our Core Business Areas are

    • General design
    • General contracting in the construction of industrial and commercial facilities, including engineering networks
    • Customer support at all stages of development — design, finalization, and procurement of permits for construction, the process of construction and completion of a finished building


    Contact Us

    81740, Lviv Oblast, Zhydachiv Raion,

    the urban-type village of Gnizdychiv,  6 S. Bandery Vul.

    +38 (067) 301-54-23




    Over 10 years of work experience in industrial and commercial construction, as well as in developing engineering networks. More than 450 projects of varying sizes and difficulty levels have been completed.


    General design.

    In the capacity of a general design contractor, we perform the following:

    • jointly assess and determine the requirements for a building, assist in developing a technical design assignment; help to collect, or, at the Customer's request, collect the outgoing data
    • complete all design stages: feasibility study (FS), cost-benefit analysis (CBA), draft project (DP), project (P), work project (WP), work documentation (WD)
    • develop all sections of project documentation, including all architectural, construction, technical, and engineering concepts
    • perform design supervision over the construction of a real estate unit
    • participate in commissioning of a real estate unit.


    Scope of design work:

    • Concept note
    • Definition of the consequence class
    • Master plan
    • Architectural and construction concept
    • Technological solutions
    • Design concepts: MS (metal structures), RS (reinforced concrete structures)
    • HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
    • Water supply
    • Drainage
    • Electrical engineering concepts
    • Fire water main
    • Fire alarm 
    • Local fire alarm system and automatic devices
    • Smoke removal
    • Lightning protection and grounding
    • SCS
    • Combined plan of engineering networks
    • Onsite engineering networks
    • Offsite engineering networks (under a separate contract).
    • Road traffic organization and safety
    • Environmental impact assessment
    • Fire prevention measures
    • Construction organization plan
    • Facade certificate


    Design supervision.

    As the project's chief designer, Healthy Climate LLC performs supervision over construction and installation for the whole period of erection and commissioning of a building for ensuring compliance of the performance indicators, engineering and technical solutions of a commissioned unit with said indicators, and solutions provided by project design.


    Packaged job (EPC) contract.

    Healthy Climate LLC organizes onsite operations, provides qualified personnel, supplies required machinery, and ensures timely delivery of materials. We assume all risks related to the cost and completion term of turnkey construction.

    In the capacity of an EPC contractor, we perform the following:

    • Optimize design solutions
    • Provide efficient technological solutions
    • Effectively supervise over all stages of project implementation
    • Coordinate all construction works performed under EPC contracts
    • Exercise control over the whole process of construction
    • Register permits, licenses, and approvals, and complete the unit's commissioning process
    • Bear full responsibility for unit commissioning within the agreed terms
    • Attend to environmental and work safety issues


    Analyze the legal standing of Land plots.

    • Determine whether the designated purpose of Land plots confirms the purpose stated in the project
    • Determine the necessity of developing a comprehensive layout plan (CLP)
    • Determine the necessity of conducting the project's environmental expertise
    • Determine whether the Land plots are provided with engineering lines
    • Determine the optimal point of connecting to electrical networks
    • Determine the optimal point of connecting to water supply and drainage networks


    Conducting engineering investigations on the Land plots, or, at the Customer's request, on any Land plot.

    •   Conducting engineering and geological investigations
    •   Conducting engineering and topographical investigations
    •   Creation of a development master plan according to the Project-defined parameters