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    To erect and commission a manufacturing workshop is not so difficult and costly as it was 10 years ago. To save time and money, rapidly erected industrial buildings made of metal structures or assembled sandwich panels may be useful. They are strong, energy-efficient, and serve for a long time. 


    Construction of industrial facilities using the rapid installation technology REB (rapidly erected building) has the following advantages:

    • Quick onsite mounting. Depending on the floor area size, it takes no more than two months to install a rapidly erected building. There is no risk of downtime due to low temperatures or unfavorable weather conditions.
    • Individual solutions. The building design meets the manufacturing technology requirements. There are no constraints as to shape, floor dimensions. elevation marks, number of manufacturing bays, and office rooms. An existing project may also be selected.
    • Saving. The constriction cost is reduced due to smaller expenses for building materials and the non-existence of expensive heavy foundations. Heavy large-size machine is also excluded.
    • An opportunity to change the layout. If the layout of a workshop or its part is required, it is easy to accomplish. The modularity of metal structures means that useful space can be utilized in a rational fashion.
    • Mobility. Buildings have light-weight foundations. They are easy to install and disassemble. If necessary, an industrial facility of the garden house type can be disassembled and mounted at a new location.
    • Energy efficiency. Panels used for the construction of industrial facilities have a layer of modern insulation material. They are light, have a long operating life, resistant to water and low temperatures. These facilities demonstrate a 30%—70% reduction in the cost of electricity and heating.



    The rapid erection technology can be utilized to build the following:

    ● Manufacturing shops, hangars, integrated manufacturing facilities;

    ● Hangars for large- and medium-size equipment and machinery;

    ● Warehouses for storage of foods, large storages for fruits and vegetables, farms, and agricultural complexes;

    ● Logistic bases, mail distribution centers, etc.


    These industrial facilities are built with thin-walled components. They are light, practical, and reliable to use. The basis of metal structures used are profiled metal sheets 4 mm thick. Their shape is С-, Z-, П- like, or they are hat-shaped.

    The following can be named as key advantages of such a facility:

    • short completion time for design and construction;
    • competitive costs;
    • rapid erection — a building can be finished in a couple of weeks, which ensures resources saving;
    • high mobility — they are easy to disassemble, relocate, and install at a new location;
    • long operational life.



    No metal or reinforced concrete frame is a specific feature of rapidly erected frameless facilities. Arc-like items made of profiled zinc-coated steel sheets perform the function of support. Facilities are strong and tightly closed.

    This technology is used for the construction of auxiliary rooms and non-heated workshops with relatively small floor areas. Usually, it means one-storey industrial buildings.


    • Development of a technical assignment for facility construction: designation of the facility, the height and total floor area, the expected completion time, and other relevant information, including data on technical requirements to the building design.
    • Design. Each project is developed according to the needs and desires of our clients. It is also possible to select an option previously implemented for another client if such a design option meets your demands.
    • Foundation work. The REB technology requires lightweight foundations. Industrial production of frames and enclosure structures.
    • Onsite delivery of structural items of a future industrial facility.
    • Assembly — depending on the floor area and the number of an industrial facility's floors — takes an amount of time from several weeks to several months.


    Price immediately depends on the floor area and planning concept, on the features of the external and internal design of a building.