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    Vartist design company specializes in design, engineering and technical consulting for new construction and reconstruction, carrying out a full range of research, general design, consulting, scientific support and other services for buildings and constructions of any complexity.

    Areas of activity

    • Design
    • Technical diagnostics
    • Engineering
    • Research and development
    • Optimization of solutions and costs
    • Life cycle analysis  

    The company was founded in Kyiv in 1996 by S.I. Bilyk, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA). The company's employees have scientific degrees and academic titles.


    Suite 204, Dominion Business Park, Ushynskoho  St., Kyiv, 03151

    +38 (067) 588-82-95, +38 (050) 765-23-54, +38 (044) 241-55-56



    The company renders the following services:

    • General design, full-scale engineering development of all project parts for buildings and constructions of any complexity

    • Design according to European and American standards

    • Algorithmic architecture and multi-criteria optimization of buildings in a BIM environment

    • Integrated instrumental inspection of buildings and constructions

    • Complete fleet of own equipment for determining technical condition and structural testing

    • Diagnostics of structures using non-destructive methods

    • Thermal audit, determination of energy efficiency and life cycle cost of buildings and constructions

    • Development of norms and technical specifications

    • Scientific research, publication of books and articles

    • Design works,  support of construction operations

    • Reconstruction and strengthening of buildings and constructions with steel structures

    • Implementation of projects and unique constructions: amusement rides, monuments, mobile and transformed structures, etc.

    • Fortification structures, survivability calculations and protection of civil buildings from extreme conditions

    • Calculations of buildings taking into account physical, geometric and structural non-linearity

    • Engineering-geological surveys, determination of geopathic zones

    • Patent search, development and documentation of inventions, rendering support

    • Conducting laboratory and field experiments

    • Creation of training programs, materials and manuals